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Grow Beautiful Hydroponic Basil In An Aerogarden 

Grow Beautiful Hydroponic Basil In An Aerogarden 

Aerogarden basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow in a hydroponic growing system.   You can enjoy fresh basil on your counter all year long.

Planting Hydroponic Basil

Hydroponic Basil
Photo by Lavi Perchik on Unsplash

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When planning out your hydroponic system, be aware that basil gets quite large.  It can quickly over-crowd your other herbs and plants.

It’s recommended to give the basil some space.  It can be tempting to fill every hole in a hydroponic garden, but sometimes plants need more space, and leaving a row unplanted may be necessary.

Alternatively, you can grow a row of seed starts next to basil that you plan to remove from the garden to plant outdoors.  For example, flowers or other vegetables that don’t produce well in hydroponics.

Place 2-3 seeds in each growing sponge. You can thin them out if necessary after the seeds sprout. For those wondering, iDoo basil is grown the exact same way.

Types Of Basil

  1. Hydroponic Genevese Basil
  2. Sweet Basil
  3. Hydroponic Holy Basil
  4. Lemon Basil
  5. Hydroponic Thai Basil
  6. Lime Basil
  7. Cinnamon Basil
  8. Spicy Globe Basil
  9. Greek Basil

Hydroponic Basil Seeds

You can choose any organic basil seeds from your favorite seed company. There is no difference between a seed and a hydroponic seed.

Grow Media For Hydroponic Basil

I’ve only used growing sponges in my Aerogarden and iDoo gardens. I’d love to hear some feedback for any other grow media that someone has used in an Aerogarden or other type of countertop hydroponic system.

The grow sponges are so easy to use and make transplanting easy.

Feeding Aerogarden Basil

Be sure to add the correct amount of nutrients according to the manufacturer’s instructions whenever you change or add water to your hydroponic garden.

Adding nutrients every time you add water or change the water in your system is recommended. If you’re adding nutrients to existing water, remember that you won’t need the same amount as if you were completely replacing the water.

Hydroponic Basil Pruning

Prune your basil when it gets to be about 6 inches tall.  Prune by cutting the newer leaves from the top. You’ll see a cluster of about 5 leaves. Trim down to just above the next set of leaves. If you trim too much of the main plant, the basil won’t grow back.  

If your plant has gotten bushy, trim or pinch back several top leaf sets at a time. Don’t allow the plant to flower. 

Without pruning, basil will grow too tall and will eventually get burned by the light, causing the leaves to curl and turn brown.

Can Hydroponic Basil Be Planted In Soil?

Yes, basil can be transplanted into soil.  I like to pot mine in soil and keep it indoors until it gets acclimated to the soil before transplanting it outdoors.  

Take care when removing the basil plant from the Aerogarden, separate roots as best as you can. You’re going to lose some of the roots, but basil is pretty hardy and will establish a new root system when it’s transplanted.

Move the pot outdoors but pick a shady spot for a few more days. Slowly get your plant used to its new environment before planting it in its final place in the garden.

Basil likes full morning sun but not overly hot afternoon sun.  I like to plant it along our fence that gets morning sun but is shaded in the afternoon.

Storing Basil

When you prune your basil, you can put them in a tiny vase where the cut tips are in water like a vase of flowers.  They will last a little longer.  Make sure the leaves are not touching the water or they will rot.

Another storage option is to lay the cuttings in a vegetable storage container that has some airflow.  I use these storage containers for all sorts of fruits and vegetables.  They extend the life by several days.

How To Use Basil

Basil is a versatile culinary herb and can be used in pasta, pesto, Caprese salad, and soups.  Basil is also used in various cocktail recipes.

Caprese salad isn’t complete without tomatoes. Read these posts if you’d like to read about how to grow tomatoes fast or about how to save your tomato seeds.

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